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Apollo Enterprise investigates the relationship between entrepreneurs and ideas


Some believe that entrepreneurs are born, whilst others believe that entrepreneurs are created through their drive to see a winning business idea come to life. Apollo Enterprise review these two very different approaches surrounding entrepreneurship and the different paths today’s entrepreneurs take to succeed.

Whilst many believe that entrepreneurs are born, others say that entrepreneurial spirit is in everyone and nurtured via chance or dedication. Lots of people get struck with ideas but it takes entrepreneurial spirit to pursue them and turn them into businesses. Entrepreneurs have the vision of dreamers but the ambition of doers. Apollo Enterprise believes that many people have the ability to succeed in business as long as they have the passion and drive to do so.

Apollo Enterprise has outlined some examples of where the entrepreneur comes first vs when the idea comes first and has shown how entrepreneurs take different steps to get to where they want to be:

When an entrepreneur wannabe feels stuck
There are some entrepreneurs who simply don’t enjoy the nine to five routine and are always dreaming about making their own money. However, there are endless obstacles in the way. Sometimes entrepreneurs shy away from risk taking and then suddenly they are stuck. It takes gumption and planning – and maybe a little bit of luck – to go from worker to entrepreneur.

When an idea comes with conditions
Lots of non-entrepreneurs get struck with an idea that they simply can’t resist. They see a gap in the market and figure that they are just as capable of filling it as anyone else. However, there will be hurdles: they will need money, certain skills, and valuable networks. The entrepreneur must be prepared to overcome these challenges.

When an entrepreneur has commitments
It could be family, a high paying job, an illness, being in school – there are always excuses. A real entrepreneur will do whatever it takes to make their ventures and dreams come true. There will be sacrifices but an entrepreneur doesn’t see it as such. They simply see a trade-off that they think is worthwhile in order to reach entrepreneurial status.

When ideas don’t come with directions
They never do. Unless they have given entrepreneurship a go before, a person won’t know how to get funding, how to get a prototype, and basically how to turn an idea into an action. Many potential entrepreneurs give up at this point, but that doesn’t have to be the case. There are always ways to find out how to do these things, but the entrepreneur must be persistent and determined to succeed.

Apollo Enterprise is an outsourced sales and marketing firm based in New Jersey. The firm specializes in a personalized form of marketing which involves connecting with consumers on a face-to-face basis in order to represent their clients’ brands accurately and effectively. This one-to-one connection often leads to long-lasting relationships between brand and consumer as well as increased customer acquisition, brand awareness and brand loyalty for their clients.

Apollo Enterprise encourages entrepreneurship and helps to develop entrepreneurial traits into business skills through their business development program. The program helps to develop candidate’s skill sets by giving them the chance to experience sales roles, leadership positions and the opportunity to run their own business.

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