Apollo Enterprise Inc. is a brand new marketing firm located in Jersey City, New Jersey

Although we are a relatively young business, what Apollo Enterprise Inc. lacks in age, we make up for in experience. The backbone of the business is built from highly experienced individuals within the direct marketing industry.

What do you do?

At Apollo Enterprise Inc., we encourage our clients to embrace our young, dynamic and vibrant touch to our service. They can be assured that the results we generate for them are just as good as longer-running businesses. At Apollo Enterprise Inc. we use direct marketing methods to promote and market our clients’ product or services. This means our professional and friendly sales force will take your product directly to your customers. Consumers really value this personalized approach, and pleasing customers is what we do best!

What is direct marketing?

Direct marketing is a growing industry, and we’re glad to be contributing to its increasing success. Direct marketing brings benefits for us, our clients and their customers. By using this form of marketing, it allows us to generate immediate and accurate results for our clients. We operate on a pay-on-results only basis, meaning our clients can get the most out of their marketing budgets. Customers receive a personalized customer experience, which in turn increases loyalty and awareness to our clients’ brands.